Awaken Your WOW!

Inspiring you to Step-up, Show-up and SHINE!

It is time to Awaken Your WOW!

If you knew you could confidently re-connect with your true self by unlocking greater depths of authentic self-knowing which would dissolve your feelings of missed opportunities, re-ignite your ambitions or answer the BIG questions about who you are and what your life is all about ….

how would your life be? 

It’s time – It’s YOUR time to SHINE!



When was the last time you heard your HEART sing?


Work with me to


Awaken Your WOW!


Anna-Louise Haigh

Mentor, Teacher, Author, Retreat Leader

Know and Grow Yourself

If you have reached a point where you know something has got to change, you are ready for a personal transformation.

Wherever you are on your journey, let me help you take your next step with confidence.

Well-being Professionals

You’ve followed your calling to help others and naturally know you are also on a journey.

My signature courses benefit your clients and your own personal growth as you achieve your goal of making a meaningful difference.

Angelic Reiki Courses

Are the Angels calling you to be an ambassador of Light to help others find inner peace and happiness?

Learn to deliver high vibration body, mind, heart and soul re-balancing channeled through you from the Angelic Kingdom.

Soulistic Retreats

Find yourself in Glastonbury along side the Michael and Mary ley lines, overlooking the mystical Avalon Plain, and know you are ‘home!’

 This is the perfect setting for the transformative Awaken the Divine Feminine Within Retreat .

Anna-Louise makes it a safe, uplifting and enlightening journey to know yourself and confidently find a new path or direction.

She calls it ‘Soultopia’ – the moment you stop being what others expect and start to live from your heart.


Hair Stylist

Every time, Anna-Louise shares her knowledge and wisdom I become  more confident and gain new skills. I highly recommend any workshop, course or retreat. Definitely worth the investment!


Holistic Beauty Therapist

Anna-Louise is a truly gifted soul, the knowledge that she shares is deep, abundant and comes from the heart & soul. Since being her on courses and retreats, I am a totally different person than I was 18 months/2 years ago.



I have attended two retreats so far! A-L teaches with an engaging empathy and a real ability to understand, encourage and inspire those around her. It was a truly magical experience, which gave me new confidence, great tools to move forward with, fabulous memories and lovely new friends!

Tracy Christie

Owner - Bespoke Brownies

Ready to stand in your power and SHINE?

Let’s discover your next step!

Wherever you are on your journey, you have found my website for a reason.

I would love to discuss your next step with you and help you get really clear on how to take it with confidence.