Anna-Louise Haigh

Self-confidence begins with self-knowing

When was the last time you really felt on track and able to make wise choices to honour the ‘real’ you?

Could it be that while you were nurturing, supporting and guiding others to become their best self, what happened to your ‘sense of self’?

When you realise your role is changing, you may have more questions than answers, and need to reclaim the essence of who you truly are. It is time to get to know yourself again.

This is when I can help you.

“I believe you were born knowing.

Life is a journey of re-membering.”

Anna-Louise Haigh

You are infinite.

I believe in You.

Dive right in with these self-study opportunities

Want to get answers, understanding and results quickly?

My signature self-study offerings help you do just that. You can always check-in via email if you need any extra guidance or support.

Always happy to help you discover or reclaim the wisdom waiting with.

Face reading bride

Face Whispering

Gain true self-knowing through interpreting your facial features. Discover forgotten desires, and creativity. Overcome self-doubt and understand others to help build stronger relationships.

Anyone can learn, everyone can benefit.

Wisdom Vault tree

Wisdom Vault

Insight, inspiration and wisdom for your mind, body, heart and Soul.

Topics range from Feng Shui for the Soul, Overcoming self-sabotage, and Psycho-spiritual Aromatherapy to the Power of Hope as a quest for today’s world.


Anna-Louise makes it a safe, uplifting and enlightening journey to know yourself and confidently find a new path or direction.

She calls it ‘Soultopia’ – the moment you stop being what others expect and start to live from your heart.


Retreat Participant

Every time, Anna-Louise shares her knowledge and wisdom I become more confident and gain new skills.

I highly recommend any workshop, course or retreat. Definitely worth the investment!


Retreat Participant

Anna-Louise is a truly gifted soul, the knowledge that she shares is deep, abundant and comes from the heart & soul.

Since being her on courses and retreats, I am a totally different person than I was 18 months/2 years ago.


Retreat, Workshop and Shinefest Participant

Let’s connect and journey together

Hi, I’m Anna-Louise

Equipped with over 35 years experience in the personal and spiritual wellbeing fields my passion is to help women, like you, who have reached a time in their life and are wondering ‘what’s next?’

My own journey has had many twists and turns, mountains to climb and rapids to navigate.

When faced with challenges, it was a deep self-belief which got me through. This in turn strengthened my trust in my intuition which lead me to serve women seeking answers and direction.

My offerings are all delivered from the heart through the voice of experience.

Each is underpinned and enriched by a unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience which enable me to understand the messages from mind, body, heart and Soul.



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What is a Retrograde?

In 2021, Google was asked, ‘what is retrograde?’, more times than any previous year! Are people waking-up to the influence of celestial forces which impact how they feel and their choices? Seems like it! With so much happening in the world, you would be forgiven for...

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Not many people know this

Not many people know this......Although I was born in March, May 24 is what I call my spiritual birthday, or perhaps it should be 'Soul Stayday'! Why?.... Shortly after I was born, I became very ill with a condition called Pyloric Stenosis. This is when the exit...