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Webinars with Anna-Louise Haigh


Welcome to my Webinars Page. Webinars are a wonderful way to either dip-in or dive deep into a topic from the comfort of your device or computer. Wherever you are, you'll be able to explore my best offerings, experience the way I work and think just as though we were together in the same room.

You will be able to: 

  • Listen and watch 
  • Ask questions and receive a reply
  • Download notes, worksheets and tip sheets 
  • Be part of a community of like-minded people for each topic 
  • Either download or repeatedly visit the topic (depending on delivery method)

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Webinars - Full Details

The 5 Powerful Guilt-Free Steps Spiritually-Minded Women Use to Unlock Their Rock-Solid Self-Belief
Date :  Tuesday, 20th June 2017
Duration :  Starts at 8 p.m. and lasts 60 minutes approx.
Tutor : Anna-Louise Haigh
Venue : Masterclass online webinar - sit back and enjoy in your own home!
Description : Join me for this powerful LIVE webinar and discover how to unlock your self-belief and grow your confidence. This Masterclass is aimed at women who are ready to make changes in their life, want to rediscover their dreams and ambitions or finally reconnect with who they really are.

The underpinning cornerstone for achieving your dreams and ambitions is true self-belief born from releasing limiting thinking, guilt and fear so you can move forward, making wise decisions, always feeling you can trust your intuition and most of all, be authentically true to yourself.

To reserve your place, just follow cut and paste this link:

The Year of the Awakening of the Divine Feminine - JOIN and WATCH THE REPLAY ANYTIME
Date :  To be arranged
Duration :  90 minutes
Tutor : Anna-Louise Haigh
Venue : On booking you will be added to the private Facebook group so you can watch the replay of the webinar
Cost : £10.00
Description : This webinar will change the way you move through this year and beyond! I am not in the habit of making hollow claims - this webinar is the condensed essence of my recent workshop of the same name. Join me in our private group on Facebook and, for a token investment of just £10, you will receive:

* Clear understanding why now is the prime time to awaken and engage with your Divine Feminine-Goddess energy

* How your ancestors and the original Goddesses have imprinted your life already

* Ways to awaken the Goddess energy sleeping within you

* A hugely valuable template for creating and manifesting using your Divine Feminine power through the seasons

* Affirmations to ignite your clarity, direction and path towards living as your Divine Feminine Self

* Guidance notes and a step-by-step guide to make all of the above work for you, created by me specifically for this webinar. (2 files are on the group page for you to download and print, if you wish, just scroll down the page and you will find them)

Stepping into your Divine Feminine Goddess energy infuses every cell with heart-centred confidence and inspiration. As women, nurturing is our calling, however our soul journey and life purpose may take us to different heights of joy and bliss. Start this year with a clear, confident and insightful journey into the goddess energy that will support and guide you this year. Together we will clear the remnants of previous years, use guided imagery set a clear plan for manifesting the next stage of your journey, and take away a template for continuing to create YOU AT YOUR BEST as you journey through this year and beyond!

ESSENTIAL INFO - PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY: This webinar was broadcast in a private group via Facebook Live. In order to take part you must have a Facebook account and be connected to my Facebook page (Anna-Louise Haigh or Awaken Your WOw with Anna-Louise Haigh). Upon registration for the webinar, I add you to the private group so that you will have instant access. Although you will be watching the replay, you can still message me and comment.

You can view the webinar at ANY TIME or as many times as you wish as the content will stay in the group indefinitely. It couldn't be more ideal!

By registering for this event you are indicating that you understand and accept the above.

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