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Unstoppable Confident You! - retreat with Anna-Louise Haigh

Unstoppable Confident You Dates

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Clarity Connection Confidence

If you knew you would succeed at something you have been wanting to change, what area of your life would benefit most?

Created specifically for today’s woman, the Unstoppable Confident You Retreat exists to awaken, explore and celebrate all you were born to be. Confident, Self-aware and Authentic.

Benefits :

  • Release yourself from the shadows of the past
  • Create unshakable belief and trust in yourself
  • Define who you are and what your life is about
  • Discover powerful tools to help you build the life you have always imagined
  • Embrace your strengths
  • Enjoy lasting shifts that nurture genuine happiness in your heart, mind and soul
  • Celebrate the authentic You!

The Unstoppable Confident You Retreat is a wellbeing experience designed to re-connect with the real you. By gently exploring and diffusing the shadows of the past, you will gain the keys to unlock your true confident self.

Your Confidence Keys include:

  • Releasing limiting beliefs
  • Reframing past experiences
  • Cutting cords with the energy of unhealthy relationships
  • Awakening and reconnecting with the original You
  • Gaining clarity about what defines you, your values and boundaries
  • Tips, tools and techniques for your personal confidence toolkit
  • Building rock solid self-esteem, self-worth and self-respect
  • Clearing blockages and resistance

As the Unstoppable Confident You can:

  • Define who you are in all your true soul-self radiance
  • Stand in your personal power
  • Mindfully approach each day with positivity
  • Approach life with confidence and clarity
  • Effortlessly engage in any situation
  • Create or improve relationships to be more balanced, healthy and stable
  • Be in control of your responses rather than reacting and then regretting
  • Make wise, well considered self-honouring choices while remaining considerate and compassionate
  • Live more authentically
  • Access talents, gifts and creativity
  • Be inspired and inspiring
  • Determine how others (and life) affect you
  • Feel empowered every day
  • Enjoy greater happiness and inner serenity

You will be one of 6 women who are resident for a 5-day retreat in a very comfortable period property in the harbour village of Staithes, just 2 minutes’ walk from the coast.

Your retreat includes:

  • Daily topics as outlined in the Confidence Keys, to gently diffuse limitations and then infuse you with new perspectives and all the benefits that are waiting for you.
  • Personal time to Simply Be!
  • Delicious food to nourish the new emerging You!
  • An hour of personal Complementary Therapy from a choice of Angelic Reiki, Back Bliss Massage, Chakra Balancing, Daoyin Tao - Chinese Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage, or Reflexology
  • Great company and laughter
  • Relaxation

What’s included?

Comfortable spacious accommodation (some single rooms available – supplement applies)
All meals and (non-alcoholic) beverages
All sessions
One-to-One mentoring session with Anna-Louise Haigh
Your choice of Complementary Therapy session
Car Parking

What will you take away?

New clarity about who you are
Re-connection with your life meaning and purpose
Effective ways to continue to build your confidence
Fresh perspectives to give you strength and direction
Genuine connection to inner joy and peace
Inspiration and empowerment

Your Retreat Leader

Anna-Louise Haigh understands the sometimes crippling effects and consequences of low self-confidence and self-esteem from personal experience. Driven by the guidance of her soul’s voice, she has overcome and released those limiting patterns. Her professional career spans nearly three decades in the health and wellbeing fields. The synergy of personal and professional experience has given her a unique perspective, guidance and understanding which she abundantly passes on. She is known for delivering inspiration, encouragement and empowerment from the heart in a down-to-earth accessible way.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07974 021 095.


Unstoppable Confident You - Full Details

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