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Soul Whispering Insight Profile with Anna-Louise

Soul Profiles for Life Path Purpose

Are you seeking…

  • Clarity and Direction?
  • Self-awareness, understanding and appreciation?
  • Answers?
  • Inner wisdom awakening?
  • Soul connection?

It is natural to seek answers about yourself and the meaning and purpose of life. When the inner stirrings of Awakening call to you, it is essential to have the most accurate information and tools to hand. With a solid foundation and understanding of the energies, influences and helpers which connect you with your soul’s gifts, you can build the life you were born to live.

The Awakening Toolkit focuses on your:

  • Purpose
  • Direction
  • Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Happiness
  • Life Path
  • Soul Journey

Your Awakening Toolkit will give you:

  • Clarity and understanding
  • Personal insight
  • Keys for self-development
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-appreciation
  • Awakening for new possibilities and direction within you
  • Wellbeing tips to help you feel revitalised
  • Insights to help you know yourself much better
  • Empowerment through new insight and information
  • Enrichment for your mind, body, heart and soul
  • Affirmations to help you attract or strengthen your path and enhance your: HEALTH, HAPPINESS, PERSONAL PATH, RELATIONSHIPS AND ABUNDANCE
  • Confidence to help you make positive heart and soul enriching choices
  • Pathways to greater happiness

Please note: The Higher Self Awakening Toolkit is not a psychic reading or prediction, connection or delivering messages from spirit or mentoring/counselling.

What’s included:


7 Higher Self Awakening Tools

  1. KNOW YOUR SOUL SIGN – Before you were born, your soul sparked life into your heart and you became ALIVE! This magical occurrence happens shortly after conception when constellations different to your birth sign were exerting their influence. Therefore, your Soul has a zodiac sign which influences who you are. Through a careful and detailed calculation, I will determine your Soul Sign to give you an ideal of its influences as a foundation for self-awareness. See the Required Information Checklist for the information I need in order to prepare this for you.
  1. DATE OF BIRTH ANALYSIS - The energy surrounding you at the time of your birth which influences your personality, life purpose and growth opportunities, potentials, gifts and influences on your health, wealth and happiness. Please note this is a soul centred approach rather than an astrological one. See the Required Information Checklist for the information I need in order to prepare this for you.
  1. SOULISTIC NAME ANALYSIS - Your Soul Knows Your Name
  1. Your name holds the secrets to your soul qualities, wisdoms and the potentials intended to guide and that can enrich your life. Before you were born and your parents 'gave' you your name, your soul already had infused you with the seeds of the traits that would help you in this lifetime. In doing so, your soul created a framework so it could be sure that it would have the opportunity to experience what it needs in order to enrich and future progress on its journey. My pioneering system not only analyses and illuminates your soul’s influences, it goes on to answer some questions too! In addition I will show you how to create your own personal 28-day soul growth and self-appreciation programme that you can use to manifest the best version of you and increase your life joy, self-awareness and self-confidence. See the Required Information Checklist for the information I need in order to prepare this for you.

This unique form of name analysis, channelled by Anna-Louise Haigh is:

  • Highly accurate
  • Meaningful
  • An ideal way of gaining self-knowledge, purpose and direction.

Along with your name insights, you will receive guidance to help you make the most of the gifts waiting to be awakened.

  1. UNIVERSAL LAWS which govern your Life Path

The Universal Laws exist to act as a framework for life learning your soul has determined necessary for its progressing into greater wisdom and unconditional love. They offer key guidance for overcoming issues in this lifetime. When you become aware of the Laws which are influencing you in this lifetime, you will gain direction, clarity, reassurance and purpose. This can benefit your life every day from the smallest of situations to the greatest of challenges. Ultimately, when you have mastered the potential, and purpose of the Laws which directly affect you, life becomes more tranquil, happy and meaningful.


This invaluable tool sheds light on the energy/emotional triggers for your health experiences. This is NOT intended as a diagnosis or treatment, however it will illuminate the potential source of illness, disease, pain and discomfort. In discovering the energy connection to your wellbeing, you will receive a clear explanation of how you can become the master of your wellbeing whether through understanding or action.


Affirmations are a very powerful tool. An affirmation is a positive statement, written, chanted or spoken as though the desired outcome were already true. Some people have likened affirmations to a very powerful, focused prayer. However, with affirmations, you are not ‘asking’ for anything. Instead you are making a ‘yet to be true’ statement. You will receive a selection of personally created affirmations. Affirmations alone will not change anything in your life. However, when you work with affirmations, by repeating them regularly with conviction, your mindset starts becomes alert for ways to make your intention come true. Affirmations precede the awareness and actions which will lead you to your desired outcome. 


The wisdom of the face reveals understandings about your character, health, natural talents, life journey, and ‘soul nudges’ which are direct messages from your inner wisdom that can help you move forward, make sense of life so far and ultimately help you take the next steps with confidence and ease.

The Higher Self Awakening Toolkit – The Way Forward

As with all the insights, you are encouraged to use the information to help you find new meaning and understanding in your life. A detailed summary and action plan will be your final ‘tool’ in your toolkit!

You will receive your Toolkit by email. Because of the deeply insightful personal nature of this type of profile, requests are only fulfilled for the intended recipient and not for a third party as a gift.


REQUIRED INFORMATION CHECKLIST: It is essential that you submit all the required information at the time of purchase to ensure you receive your Toolkit as soon as possible. Any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

  2. Were you born prematurely, on time or late? Don’t worry if you don’t know, it is just helpful to have this information.
  3. Name given to you at birth. Any others names you have been known by, or if you have changed your name, please give me this information also.
  4. A list of your chronic and acute health concerns along with start dates.
  5. Photograph without any expression of your full face without including hairline.

Each Profile is personally generated by me, not by a computer programme. Due to the time each takes to prepare please allow 7 days for delivery to your in-box.

Price : just £125