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Anna-Louise's Store - Guided Visualisation CD's

Guided visualisations are different to meditation. A guided visual journey can be enjoyed by anyone and calls on your senses to support your imagination as it searches your subconscious for the answers you seek. We can all visualise. If you were asked to describe your front door or your kitchen, you would be able to paint a picture with your words that would enable another to 'see' it with you. So, using this simple yet powerful tool to help you clear limitations, release blocked energy, open new doorways to life fulfillment, improve relationships or manifest what you desire.

All of my guided visual journeys are spontaneous, intuitive teachings that resonate deeply with the source of your greatest potential. Your experience will be totally unique to you and benefit can be gained by repeating the journeys when you feel the need. In other words, the guided journeys I deliver gentle yet empowering and inspiring messages that grow with you and therefore are a reliable source of personal guidance leading to inspiration and empowerment.

Free Your Spirit

Just £11.50 (inc p&p)

Free Your Spirit - 80 minutes - Contains 4 channeled guided visualisations, supported by specially composed music by Jason Odle. Ideal for your personal journey work, leading a group, or clearing old blocked energy. Track titles include:

  1. Opening your Heart
  2. Meet your Soul Messenger
  3. Cord Cutting
  4. Chakra Harmony



Just £11.50 (inc p&p)

Emergence - 80 minutes - contains 5 channeled themed guided visualisations focusing on awakening the real you. Jason Odle provides inspired unique backing which supports the uplifting message of these powerful visual journeys. Tracks include:

  1. Releasing the past
  2. The Golden Bowl Healing
  3. Soul Love Awakening
  4. Light-filled, Loving and Wise
  5. Instantly Radiant