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Anna-Louise's Store - Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards

Just £9.00 (inc p&p)

Oracle cards are a great source of wisdom, encouragement, insight and can provide a gentle 'nudge' when you need it most!

Oracle cards are distinctly different to tarot cards and angel cards. They are inspired through channeled and intuitive wisdom, created in a clear, open hearted space and delivered in response to that which is in your highest good at the time.

The Soul Whisperer Oracle cards - Over 60 unique cards, hand finished and presented in a silk organza drawstring bag. These cards are the 'soul whisperings' taken from the book The Soul Whisperer'. A soul whispering is an insight, piece of wisdom or reminder that speaks in a quiet yet powerful voice. The cards can be used on their own or with your copy of The Soul Whisperer book as each is referenced to their appropriate chapter. When used together, after you choose a card, refer to the relevant chapter to gain the message or insights that will help you move forward at that time.

The cards can be sold separately, however they are the perfect companion to The Soul Whisperer book.

The Soul Whisperer book & Oracle Cards

Just £23.00 (inc p&p)

  1. The Soul Whisperer book plus
  2. Oracle Cards

SAVE £8.00!

Take advantage of this great saving offer. Buy both the Soul Whisperer book and the accompanying Oracle Cards together in this package deal and save an amazing £8 against the two individual prices.

Butterfly Oracle Cards

Just £8.00 (inc p&p)

Butterfly Oracle Cards - 44 card set - hand finished and presented in a silk organza drawstring bag. Now back in print due to demand!
Based on the journey of transformation undertaken from caterpillar to majestic butterfly, these cards highlight messages of inner-strength, wisdom, transformation and clear direction.


The Butterfly Oracle - Inspiration for Transformation e-book
The perfect accompaniment to the Butterfly Oracle cards. This ebook provides additional explanation and information for each oracle card so that you can start to put the wisdoms and inspiration of the Butterfly Oracle into practice immediately.