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The Soul Whisperer

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The Soul Whisperer – Reveals the secret messages from your soul.

Since its release in February 2009, The Soul Whisperer has received unreserved praise and recommendation from its readers. Within its chapters you will find a rich wealth of information, guidance, common sense and practical solutions to some of your most important questions and challenges, and desires for inspiration and enlightenment.

The Soul Whisperer is written to inform, guide, inspire and empower you. It cleverly comprises of three ‘books’ in one. Within the chapters you will find ‘soul whisperings’ – the little nudges from your inner voice that reinforce a message of the chapter, suggested personal growth exercises to build clarity and give you highly useful tools with which to enriched your life, guided visualisations to give you clarity and resolve, and information to help you understand how your health carries important messages about you.

The chapters include:

Book One – To Inform
Chapter one – When Your Soul Calls Your Name
Chapter Two – UniverSOUL Language
Chapter three – Awakening Your Heart Centres

Book Two – To Guide and ‘Heal’
Chapter Five – The Soul Doctor
Chapter Six – Finding Your Inner Peace
Chapter Seven – Sara’s Story – The Returnling
Chapter Eight – LOVE – Your Soul’s Greatest Quest

Book Three – To Inspire
Chapter Nine – Discover Your Soul’s Purpose
Chapter Ten – How to Hear the Voice of Your Soul
Chapter Eleven – Living Your Dreams
Chapter Twelve – Soulistic Life Empowerment


Afterword – How to Be As Your Soul

The Soul Whisperer supports your journey by including real stories of individuals who have faced great challenge and grown from their experience. Many people have read and re-read their copy have proclaimed it to be a life-companion book. This heart-warming hard backed book is available directly from the author, Anna-Louise Haigh and can be personally signed if you wish. The Soul Whisperer cover price is normally £19.95, however you can order your signed hard-backed copy for just £15.00 plus £3.00p+p directly from Anna-Louise .

Light-filled Loving and Wise - e-Book

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Before we begin
The most powerful question ever asked
Tree-hugging optional!
Voices from a Thousand Lifetimes
The Ripple Effect
Knowing your S.O.U.L.
The Dimmer Switch of the Soul
Soulistic Consciousness 101
Awakening Your W.O.W.
From Limitation to Liberation
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
Have You Heard Your Heart Sing Lately?
Declaring Yourself IN
The Art of Self-honouring
The Soul Code – the secrets to being your own Soul Whisperer
The Soul Whisperer’s Guide to Empowered Living
Affirmations for Empowering Your Self-esteem, Love and Happiness
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