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Angelic Reiki and Reiki Treatments In Harrogate

Reiki Harrogate, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Harrogate, Anna-Louise Haigh

The first question I am often asked is, ‘How is Angelic Reiki different from traditional (Usui) Reiki? The answer arises from the origin of this subtle yet powerful form of emotional and soul healing. Angelic Reiki, was channelled by Kevin Core between late 2002 and 2003, as a complete system of healing delivered through him from the Angelic Kingdom. In essence, as a practitioner, is the channel through which the deep reaching harmonising energy of the Angelic Realm is delivered to the recipient. Angelic Reiki has grown vastly in popularity since its first availability. It is a non-religious form of healing, given through the clothes and suitable for any age group.

To benefit from Angelic Reiki, it is not essential that the recipient ‘believes’ in Angels, only that they are receptive to experiencing a session that is balancing for the heart, mind, body and soul.

Working intuitively, I offer this form of Reiki for physical, emotional and spiritual harmonisation and growth. Initially, perhaps like you, I was sceptic! Yet, I have experienced total transformation though Angelic Reiki and now offer it with in the intention that others gain the same benefit.

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