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Personal and Spiritual Mentoring with Anna-Louise

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One-to-One Personal and Spiritual Mentoring Sessions in Harrogate or by telephone

Sometimes, life presents challenges that can seem unrelenting and heavy. At those times, when you know that there is ‘hope’ but your internal navigation system has lost the way, one-to-one Mentoring may provide the answers and direction you are seeking.

Are you seeing…

  • Clarity, understanding and tools to help you move forward?
  • Awakening and connecting you with the sleeping wisdom that you were born with?
  • Clear perspectives to give you choices and help you make better decisions?
  • Tips, tools and techniques to give you lasting resources to help you navigate your future?
  • Connection with your gifts, strengths and potential?
  • Understanding of your soul’s purpose so that you can create the life you were meant to live?
  • A Soulistic approach - focusing on the influence, wisdom messages and resolution created by the synergy of the mind, heart and soul which ultimately is reflected through your relationships and wellbeing on every level?

If you find yourself in turmoil, confusion, held by past events, grief, relationship trauma or simply wanting to gain greater clarity about your direction, now is the time to take a positive step.

As your Soulistic Mentor

My background includes training with some of the world’s most pioneering and respected teachers. I bring to my professional role, a vast spectrum of personal and professional experience, delivered through sensible, down-to-earth yet inspiring, practical life-enhancing insights, suggestions and guidance. The tips, tools and techniques which you will take away are all intended to support and honour your true self, life path, soul purpose and highest good.

I offer consultations and Soulistic mentoring opportunities designed to suit your needs and ambitions. Sessions are as individual as you are. Once your appointment has been booked, I request an overview of your circumstances, what issue(s) currently needs addressing and what you wish to achieve from your mentoring experience. Once received, I begin working with the resonance of your overview so that at your scheduled appointment your time is used to the greatest benefit.

Which is right for you?

Discovery session - a 60-minute session which focuses on a key issue and its related influences. This session offers you the opportunity to be heard, DISCOVER the source of disturbance, untangle an issue that has been present or recurring in your life. You will take away the benefits of clear insight and new perspectives. Many people find a Discovery session is helpful when they are:

  • Considering a life change
  • Reviewing their goals and ambitions
  • Have change thrust upon them and need to make the best decision possible for their future
  • Seek understanding and clarity about a short term situation

Soulistic Life Mapping - The aim of Soulistic Life Mapping is to re-awaken and reconnect you with the authentic (soul-self) person you were born to be, allowing you to live the life you were born to live.

This is achieved by a process of THREE 60 minute sessions which begin with a Discovery session followed by creating deeper awareness gained by two further sessions and email support.

Soulistic Life Mapping begins includes all the elements of the Discovery session then follows on to:

  • Identify and release the shadow of negative self-perceptions
  • Understand and avoid negative repeating patterns
  • Diffuse limiting beliefs
  • Create a new personal Soulistic landscape to nourish and support your future equilibrium and happiness
  • Increase your self-appreciation
  • Nurture self-confidence and self-worth leading to greater self-esteem and positive self-regard on every level specifically concerning relationships in all their forms
  • Create an action plan to include affirmations

Soulistic Life Mapping offers you:

  • Deeper understanding
  • Greater clarity
  • New perspectives to awaken, open and advance your thinking about your situation/life/purpose/potential
  • Refined new approaches to strengthen your ability to move forward
  • A new level of self-awareness and confidence
  • A toolkit of resources for your continued benefit
  • A natural ability to reframe life experiences into positive learning
  • New life enriching perspectives
  • Draw on strong, reliable ways of successfully managing future life events through a host of tips, tools and techniques
  • New direction, renewed creativity, inspired outlook and experiencing life authentically from the true heart of your being

Please note: Soulistic Mentoring is not life coaching, counselling, hypnosis or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

My books provide a flavour of how I work, and offer guidance and insight to help get you on your path.