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Kick Start Your Confidence with Anna-Louise Haigh

Kick Start Your Confidence 24/7

Emerging Confident YOU!
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Join me for a week that will ignite your confidence.

Personal and professional experience has shown me that a happy, healthy and fulfilling life is built on a foundation of rock solid self-esteem. I believe that we all are born fully equipped for such a life. So often though, what we believe to be our failings or inadequacies rest on the opinion of others rather than fact.

Like the lotus, having emerged from unseen roots, I know the what it takes to kick start in-born self-confidence and esteem. I am passionate to help other women do the same. It is time to transcend the feelings of anxiety, inadequacy and limitation.

Imagine what you could resolve, achieve or create if you could tap into your own inner positive self-belief. I offer tips, tools and techniques, all validated through successful experience, to enable you to become your own master.

If you are ready, this 5-day programme is for you. Each installment gives you confidence boosting insights that will benefit your relationships, work, wellbeing and happiness.

You will learn how to:

  • Become the lotus – Rise and emerge
  • Dispel your mis-beliefs
  • Tame your confidence gremlins
  • Awaken your inner hero
  • Use affirmations to strengthen your new self-esteem levels
  • Step up, show up and shine!
  • Activate your new awareness



This mini-programme is completely FREE and was orginally broadcast via Facebook Live but is now available 24/7 - HERE on my YouTube Channel.