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Chakra Balancing

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Chakra Balancing Harrogate, Chakra Balancing Harrogate, Anna-Louise Haigh

Chakra Balanacing in Harrogate

We all need a little help at times to reconnect and rebalance our lives. As the need arises, take a moment to consider the following gentle approaches which may help you when you need it most.

Chakra Balancing

How would your everyday life be if you felt totally calm, centered, in control, creative and joyful?

What could you achieve if you carried within you a sense of self-knowing, purpose and focus?

Sound appealing? This is the potential that is held within your Chakras. It is waiting and available for you to tap into, and draw upon to enrich your life on every level.

What are Chakras?

The term Chakra comes from the Sanskrit language and means ‘wheel’. We all have a number of Chakras, known as energy center’s located along our spine. Imagine a Chakra to look like a spinning vortex made of unseen energy, a bit like a mini tornado, which draws into itself the energy from its environment. It picks up on the emotional, spiritual and mental energy from all around us. When an abundance of this energy is stored in the Chakras, it starts to have an impact on our wellbeing. Whether it is a positive or negative impact depends on the energy being absorbed and, most importantly, how you view the circumstances which gave rise to the energy in the first place.

Each aligns with a particular organ and endocrine (hormone) glands in our body. When our Chakras are cleansed and working in harmony, we feel and go through life being:

  • Centred
  • Relaxed
  • In control
  • Inner radiance is evident
  • Physical wellbeing is strong and resilient.

Your emotional and mental qualities are clear, balanced and confident.

Left out of balance, emotional stress can manifest along with physical symptoms of some of today’s most common ailments.
The Chakra Balancing session I have created involves using my intuitive perceptivity along with appropriate crystals placed correctly on the clothed recipient, prior to an energy balancing treatment such as Angelic Reiki.

The treatment usually takes an hour and leaves you feeling whole and complete once again. Mental and emotional strains are softened, physical imbalances are quelled and generally you take with you a feeling of well-being.

Results include a feeling of total calm, euphoria, deep inner harmony and happiness.

Treatments are through the clothes, with you comfortably relaxed and reclined, last an hour. Ask for further details or see my Pricespage.

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