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Learn Chakra Whispering – The Complete Spiritual Toolkit for Soulistic Wellbeing
with Anna-Louise Haigh

Are you a Reiki Practitioner, Complementary Therapist, Yoga/Pilates enthusiast or a genuine seeker of personal and spiritual growth?

Whether you are just starting out on your journey or are looking to take your knowledge and career to the next level, the Chakras offer foundational knowledge which unlocks and benefits every avenue of wellbeing. This course offers essential learning all 21st century healers, mentors and seekers.

Experience the freedom to live as you were born to when you connect to the sleeping wisdom within your Chakras. Bring light and life to your mind, body, heart and soul when you begin to truly hear the messages that have been waiting for you. Anyone can learn and everyone can benefit, so if the time is right, find yourself learning Chakra Whispering and discover the voice of your soul.

This three-day course will guide and enrich you for the rest of your career and life! Filled with insight, channeled wisdom, fun and plenty of ah-ha moments, you will find yourself learning with ease and expanding your consciousness naturally.


  • The true potential of the 7 main chakras, plus an additional, hugely important yet often ignored chakra
  • How to expand your connection, consciousness and career with chakras wisdom
  • The Higher Consciousness Chakra Gateways, Earth and Soul Stars 
  • The connection to your Soul’s voice through the Chakras


  • About the multi-faceted influence of the chakras plus two powerful gateways
  • To interpret chakra imbalances and your place on the Chakra Spiral
  • How your life reflects your chakras and how to enhance it
  • Conduct a Chakra Balancing session using crystals, colour, Aromatherapy essences, Reflexology and Aura sprays
  • Heart centered soul healing from the higher heart chakra
  • Ways to cleanse, nourish and support inner harmony
  • How to increase your Soulistic wellbeing through the chakras for mind, body, heart and soul benefit
  • How to use Anna-Louise’s unique Chakra Whispering Oracle Cards for personal growth and to help others find answers and direction


  • The power of chakra potential and harmony
  • Guided Imagery to connect and anchor to new consciousness waiting for you
  • Giving and receiving a powerful soul healing through the chakras
  • Chakra Balancing for inner harmony alignment
  • Release from limiting patterns and shadow behaviour to strengthen chakra stability
  • Connection with the Ancients who can guide and strengthen your sense of life meaning and purpose
  • Enhancement of your current holistic offerings, enrich your personal and career path,
    help others heal, growth and SHINE!
  • And much more!

What others say about Anna-Louise’s Chakra Whispering Course

I learned so much from Anna-Louise's wonderful teaching and from everyone sharing their experiences and their wisdom. It went way beyond what I expected or hoped for from this course. I really do think you offer exceptional value for money with this course!

I am so grateful to you for the last 3 days - for your wonderful knowledge and insight and for creating the space in which we could all share experiences, learn and grow together. It has been an amazing journey and I have come home feeling so empowered. I have discovered so much about myself and have made sense of things which have happened in my life and choices I have made.

Thank you so much for once again delivering such an informative course whilst making it feel like we have been doing this for years! I can’t thank you enough for opening up my life and helping me on a journey that is so fulfilling!

Just wanted to share that I've had an amazing three days. I've never been on a course where the group has been so united, embraced and genuinely whole in their quest for knowledge to go forward on their chosen paths. Anna-Louise you brought the right amount of humour and respect for what we were learning together, treating each one of us with your own special care and nurturing to bring out the best in all of us. You know that gentle nudge you give quietly that means so much.  Truly grateful to have been a part of something so special, thank you.


Chakra Whispering Courses - Full Details

Chakra Whispering - 3 days that will awaken, inform and inspire!
Date :  Tuesday, 21st November 2017
Duration :  Tuesday November 21, 2017 to Thursday November 23, 2017
Tutor : Anna-Louise Haigh
Venue : 10 Haywra Street, Harrogate HG1 5BJ
Cost : £395.00
Deposit : £100.00
Description : This very special, information rich course offers you the opportunity to tap into the wisdom of the ancients and the career and personal of experience of. Anna-Louise Haigh. Packed with learning, insight and opportunity to re-awaken what sleeps within your Souls' memories of lifetimes as healer, shaman, witch and sage, you will be enriched on every level.

Ideal for energy therapists and genuine spiritual seekers, you will take away knowledge and skills that will help you build the future chapters of your life and career.

Due to the nature of the course, you are advised to take a mini break from your 'daily life' and book accommodation in Harrogate so you can have time to absorb your experience during the course. If you need suggestions about where to stay, just ask.

Group size: 8 places available. Registration is now open.


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