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Awaken Your WOW!

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Awaken Your WOW and SHINE Meetup - FREE to Join

Are you:

  • Interested in self-development, spiritual discovery and manifesting the life you were born to live?
  • Keen to meet like-minded people with shared interests in personal growth and self-awareness?
  • Eager to learn and grow in deeper awareness about topics which can support your life enrichment and nourish your wellbeing on all levels?
  • Looking for a friendly group that has a grounded yet open-minded approach to exploring a wide variety of inspiring and empowering topics?
  • Looking for tips, tools and techniques brought to you from the ‘toolkit’ of a trusted, respected and experienced facilitator?
  • Ready to deepen your spiritual understanding and connection?

This and so much more is what the Awaken Your WOW and SHINE Meetup is all about. Topics are varied, insightful and enriching. Each evening, workshop or event is presented so that you gain through simply being present, personal experience and/or interaction.

About Us

The original Awaken Your WOW and SHINE started in January 2012 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK. Known as the ‘WOW’ group, this is the perfect place to learn, share and grow.

Since its creation, our monthly Meetups have covered numerous topics. You can be assured that in joining the Awaken Your WOW and SHINE group you can enjoy gentle personal growth without the need to ‘get deep, personal or go public’ about the challenges in your life.  If you have any questions about the WOW group, please feel free to contact me.

What is your WOW?

Your WOW is many is as unique are you are...most of all, it is your source of inspiration, information, expression and authenticity that makes you feel whole and complete. It is your Weaver of Wisdom, your knowing inner voice and the guiding compass of your soul.

To SHINE is to enjoy your Soul Harmony In Natural Expression. This amazing level of existence is open to all. The WOW group offers a place for you to seek understanding, ask questions, find answers, learn empowering and transformative life-skills, explore new consciousness to nourish your awakening WOW and enhance your ability to SHINE.

WOW Members enjoy:

  • Time and space to relax and have some Me time!
  • Making new friends
  • Finding common interests
  • Social contact
  • Opportunities to learn and grow
  • Regular Meetups featuring topics of relevance, hosted by someone who walks their talk and draws on nearly 30 years’ professional experience, for a fraction of the cost of attending similar events or receiving personal mentoring.

Why join?

Now is the time to really celebrate who you are and all you can be.

This group is for you if you are ready to:

  • Discover and strengthen your foundation of self-awareness, confidence and creativity
  • Build on existing talents and abilities
  • Create an enriched life that is filled with radiant wellbeing, happiness and inner harmony
  • Celebrate who you are and all you can be
  • Strengthen the connection with your voice of inner wisdom
  • Gain clarity, insight, understanding and new perspectives
  • Be inspired

This is a group for exploring, understanding, and working with simple yet highly effective life enriching approaches such as the Universal Laws (including the Law of Attraction), Affirmations, Guided Visualisations, Meditation, Journaling, Positive Self Perception, Holistic/Soulistic Wellbeing principals, De-cluttering, Soul Whispering and so much more as the group directs.

As your host

I thoroughly enjoy facilitating and guiding the WOW gatherings. I bring professional experience as a personal and spiritual mentor, author, spiritual teacher, retreat leader and wellbeing practitioner gained since my wellbeing career began in 1988.

How to join

Joining is easy and FREE! Just click on the link for your nearest group then click on the JOIN US button. WOW groups are held in Harrogate and Cumbria.

About Meetup

The Meetup organisation was created directly in response to the Twin Towers 9/11 tragedy as a way for people who would not otherwise have met to stay in touch and support each other. Since then, this opportunity for people to gather and share their interests has become a global success of the most positive kind. The Meetup organisation and Anna-Louise’s WOW groups are not intended to be a networking, dating or marketing forum