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About Anna-Louise Haigh

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Anna-Louise Haigh is best known for her natural ease at consistently inspiring others to awaken and honour what lies within their heart and soul. She supports this talent by delivering meaningful messages of growth and wisdom through her inborn, intuitive inner vision. All her roles benefit from the same empathic, mindful, intuitive and individual approach that leaves a positive lasting imprint in others’ lives.

Born in England and growing up in rural Ontario, Canada, before returning to the north of England at age 22, Anna-Louise has the benefit of the north American ‘can do’ approach combined with the British sense of respect and tradition.

Since first qualifying in 1988, she has infused her professional offerings with a consistent level of passion, intuition and wisdom. Whether as a wellbeing practitioner, personal and spiritual mentor, teacher, author, retreat leader or professional celebrant, she brings to every individual, occasion or audience a magical synergy of heart-centred, soul-powered, enthusiasm, experience and wisdom.

As a young child

As far back as she can remember, Anna-Louise has had a strong connection to the voice of her soul and the wisdom it offers. As early as age 5, she was not fazed by awareness and contact with spirit energy, of memories of a past life as a ballet dancer, support from her unseen guides, psychic sensing and knowing. Even at this early age, she had an unusually strong affinity with the Far East - its culture, places, healing traditions and cuisine. This soul connection continues to reliably and consistently guide her interests, career developments and personal philosophy.  Both domestic and wild animals found their way to her so she could instinctively place her hands appropriately to ‘heal’ or massage them. All of this was normal to her. It never occurred to her that others didn’t experience the same.

Challenging early childhood experiences strengthened her trust in her intuition and ‘sensing’. Life reminded her of the value of trusting her inner voice and the consequences of not listening! These experiences ignited her quest to understand people, psychology and behaviour and most importantly, how to reclaim personal empowerment and positive self-regard.

Never one to be afraid carving her own path, she has been a pioneer throughout her life. Turning personal and professional obstacles into opportunities is the foundation of her authenticity. Her ability to meet people at their point of growth and host their journey as an empowering and enabling mentor is one of her hallmarks.

As a Pioneering Professional

Along with lecturing internationally and creating and hosting educational trips to China and Mongolia for therapists in the late 1990’s, Anna-Louise has created two significant lasting contributions to the field of self-awareness, personal growth and energy medicine.

The first is a vast body of knowledge she has named Soulistic Face Reading. Arising from a brief introduction to the art of Oriental Face Reading for Health during her training to become a Clinical Aromatherapist in 1988, a lost library of information opened within her soul’s memory. Over the following decades and 45,000 individual client sessions, her observations led to the creation of this highly accurate system. Soulistic Face Reading gives voice to the underlying messages from the inner self, the soul and personal psychology. These messages are delivered by skillfully interpreting the features, structure and attributes of the face. Anna-Louise is recognised as a specialist within this subject and teaches in the UK and internationally on request.

The second contribution was borne from her long and distinguished background in the field of complementary healthcare. Daoyin Tao, a specialised energy balancing massage for the face, head, neck and shoulders was re-awakened within her soul’s wisdom. This much needed holistic offering is now practiced internationally and is ideal for meeting modern wellbeing needs. Anna-Louise continues to offer Daoyin Tao treatments at her consulting rooms in Harrogate.

As a Messenger

Highly acclaimed as a visionary channel for wisdom and healing, she remains grounded, practical and a strong lateral thinker. Her books, ‘The Soul Whisperer’ and ‘Light-filled, Loving and Wise’ speak to your heart, mind and soul to deliver messages of awakening that are timeless and universal. Anna-Louise has recorded two popular guided imagery cd’s, and regularly teaches workshops and courses that provide the keys that open the doors to the messages your soul wants you to hear.

As a Professional Celebrant

Listening to the pulse of her passions, Anna-Louise brings her public speaking, creativity and organizing talents to the role of a professional wedding and family celebrant. In addition, she brings to this role the same sense of honouring, inspiration and dedication that have contributed to the success her career. Her ability to listen, create, organise, host and stay calm are the foundations of the celebrations and ceremonies she is asked to officiate. Anna-Louiseā€™s voice, with its soft Canadian influence, delivers a warm, engaging and clear tone which has gained her much acknowledgement. Her strong background in public speaking and conveying an individual sense of inclusion ensures every person feels part of the ceremony or celebration. For full details, please visit